Tech Law Decoded

The digital revolution is entering the age of digital regulation. Tech laws and regulations in the areas of competition/antitrust, data privacy, and consumer protection are reshaping the rules of the digital economy.

Tech Law Decoded is a place to keep track of developments in tech laws and regulations and to exchange ideas on how to harness the benefits of technology while minimizing their disruptions to society.

Our audience is anyone whose job (or hobby) is to be in the know, be it lawyers, policymakers, academics, journalists, businesses, or the public at large. Our goal is to provide clear, concise, and context-driven analysis of a shifting and uncertain legal landscape in the digital space.


My name is Kaj Rozga. I am a tech-curious practicing lawyer with over a decade of experience representing companies, individuals, and the government in US and European competition law matters.

I received my law degree from Boston University School of Law, and started my practice conducting merger review and litigation for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition. I then became an associate for an international law firm in New York, where I handled merger review, cartel practice, and antitrust litigation. I am now based in Vienna as counsel for a European law firm, focusing on all aspects of competition practice, including antitrust tech counseling. 

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